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Heel pain syndrome (heel spur or plantar fasciitis) is an inflammatory condition of the heel. TIghtness of the heel cord (Achilles Tendon) and plantar fascia contributes to its cause. Although medication, injections and pads will help the condition, the key to recovery is an exercise program that stretches the heel cord and plantar fascia.

To achieve the best results, do each of the following exercises (10) ten times. Increase repetitions and progress to (25) twenty-five times.

1. Lean forward against the wall with your feet flat on the floor. 
    Place one foot forward and one foot back.

2. Sit on the floor with knees straight. Pull foot forward with a rope or towel.

3. Roll the arch of the foot across a frozen bottle of water on the floor.
Palmetto Podiatry Associates - Stretching Exercises for Heel Pain