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1. Begin soaking 24 hours after the procedure. Keep the foot dry until then.

2. Using a clean basin, dilute one tablespoon of Epsom Salt in warm water. The water does not have to be hot.

3. Soak the affected foot for about 15 minutes. After soaking, pat the foot dry with a clean towel or some gauze.

4. Cover the area with a Band-Aid or similar dressing. After the first seven days you may begin to use Neosporin or a different type of antibiotic cream.

5. If you have had a partial permanent or permanent toenail removal, it is very important to leave the toe open to air. This is generally done in the evening. It is also very important to keep the toe covered with a Band-Aid whenever you are wearing shoes as this will help prevent infection.

6. Following a permanent or partial permanent toenail removal, you are to continue soaking the foot until all drainage has stopped. This may be anywhere from two to three weeks. Soak twice a day for the first week, then once daily during the second week.

*Please be advised, if you have had a permanent or partial permanent toenail removal, it is not unusual to have some increased pain and redness after the procedure. It is also normal to have clear drainage and a tinge of blood on the Band-Aid for two to three weeks after the procedure. THIS IS NORMAL.
Soaking Instructions for Toenail Removal