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Palmetto Podiatry is committed to providing our patients with the best care possible. Your health and medical well-being are important to us. We will do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied with your surgical experience. Our office will schedule your surgery with the hospital/outpatient surgery center and preauthorize the procedure with your insurance company. The hospital will contact you for a preoperative interview and to schedule any bloodwork or additional tests that are necessary prior to your surgery date.

Scheduling Your Surgery
Please carefully consider the date and time of your surgery. A lot of time and effort go into scheduling with the hospital. Most insurance companies require pre-certification and this is a very time consuming process. We ask that you check your schedule to be sure the date you choose is convenient for you and your family or caretaker.  There is a non-refundable scheduling fee of $50.00 which will be applied to your balance.

Disability Forms
If you need to have forms for disability insurance filled out, please allow two weeks for processing. We will call you when the forms are completed. It is your responsibility to pick them up and mail or fax them accordingly. There is a $25.00 fee for completing these forms. Payment is due upon receipt.

Handicap Parking Forms
Our office is happy to fill out the necessary forms needed to obtain a temporary handicapped parking placard. You will need to submit this to the DMV. Allow ample time, as the DMV will mail your parking placard.  

A Successful Result
To allow for a successful surgical result, it is important to follow some simple directions:

1. LIMIT standing and walking during the first 48 hours. Keep your foot raised as much as possible for the next three days.  

2. Use crutches, walker, surgical shoe, or Cam Walker as instructed. There is no instance when you should bear weight without cast/shoe/boot. There are some procedures that will require you to be nonweight bearing on the operated foot.

3. Maintain your sterile dressing--keep it clean and dry.

4.  DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR SURGICAL BANDAGE. Some "spotting" of blood is normal.

Please contact our office if:
   *You have a fever of 101 degrees or higher
   *Your pain is not relieved by pain medication
   *You have marked increase in swelling

Financial Policy
We will gladly file your claim with your insurance company. However, if you have not met your deductible, you will be required to remit this prior to your surgery date. Any other unpaid balances on your account will also be due prior to your surgery. Any post operative fees must be paid before discharge from our office. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to participate in your medical care. We appreciate your trust and confidence and will do our best to ensure a positive experience! 
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