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Dr. Joseph J. Moran, FACFAS
      Board Certified in Foot Surgery

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Palmetto Podiatry Associates - Patient Testimonal
Unfortunately for me, I inherited the “family trait” of bunions, which were already evident when I was still in my teens. Over the years, they became more and more pronounced, making it increasingly difficult for me to find shoes that fit. If a shoe fit the widest part of my foot, it would be entirely too loose everywhere else. I talked with my primary care physician about this, and he referred me to Dr. Joseph Moran.

Dr. Moran comes highly recommended, and with good reasons. Board certified in foot surgery, he has the knowledge and experience to take care of his patients with skilled hands and a keen eye; but he also talks with his patients about their activities and their self-care, even down to what kinds of shoes they typically wear.

My experience with Dr. Moran and his staff has been very positive. From the very beginning, I have found that they care about me as a person. This is not a huge office with a crowded waiting room. I have never felt rushed through an office visit; I have found each person on the staff readily available to listen carefully and answer any questions or concerns I might have. Dr. Moran took the time to give clear explanations regarding procedures, and his staff took the headaches out of dealing with insurance matters. The staff's positive demeanor and good humor make for a pleasant atmosphere in the office.

I have now had corrective surgery on both feet, and they are doing fine. My shoes fit more comfortably! The big surprise for me was that, in the days immediately following the surgery, there was very little pain at all. Dr. Moran and his staff have been totally supportive through my healing process, and continue to be available if any questions arise.