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Diabetic Foot Care
A diagnosis of diabetes can be scary. An important component of diabetic health is proper foot care. Diabetics are at an increased risk of complications from improper foot care. The following tips will help you be sure your feet are receiving the special care they deserve.

*Check your feet every day. It is important to take notice of any cuts that do not heal, sores, redness, swelling, or cracked areas. Pay attention to how these areas change. It is important to contact our office if you notice any signs of infection or if something just doesn't seem quite right. Also, be sure to let us know if you are experiencing pain in the calves while walking or exercising.

*Pay special attention to water and surface temperatures. Since some diabetics may experience loss of feeling in their feet, it is important to be exercise caution so as not to accidentally burn your feet. Be sure to always wear protective footwear. Also check the temperature of bath/shower water by testing it with your elbow. Additionally, refrain from using over-the-counter formulations of corn or callous removers. These may cause chemical burns. 

*Avoid restrictive garments or accessories. If you notice indentations where socks, pantyhose, girdles, or other items have been, they are most likely too tight. Prolonged use of these items may cause swelling. This does not apply to compression stockings or hosiery prescribed for you by your physician. 

*Avoid trying to care for thick nails, callouses, and corns at home. These conditions should be cared for by your podiatrist.

*When purchasing shoes, be sure that they are not too tight. Shoes that fit properly should feel snug, not tight or restrictive. Again, be sure to always wear protective footwear. Diabetics should not go barefoot.

*Do not smoke. Smoking decreases circulation to the feet and prolongs healing time. Smoking also increases your risk for other serious health problems. Please contact your physician to discuss options for smoking cessation.